a group picture of our young girls after training with their facilitators.


Vision Spring Initiatives was represented at the 2018, Africa’s Regional Dialogue (ARD) which focused on Advancing Gender Equality and Rights. The forum provided space for interactive exchange, knowledge transfer, mutual learning, joint strategizing and dialogue on issues that affect and impact gender equality and SRHR in Africa. Key participants to this forum were drawn from civil society networks and organisations including IPPF Member Associations, Faith Based and Youth Led organisations. Governmental and Intergovernmental Representatives, Parliamentarians, Academia, and various Bilateral and Multilaterals agencies also participated. 150 participants attended the 4 day meeting.  

The Dialogue built on IPPF Africa Regions Inter-Generational Dialogue that started way back in 2012 and borrows from proven models that have worked in 15 Year Old International Dialogue on Population and Development that is hosted every year by GIZ, BMZ, IPPF, DSW, Bayer and KFW, in Berlin, Germany.  The dialogue served as a platform for south-south knowledge exchange and dialogue, that enabled learning and sharing of lessons and good practices of partners advocacy strategies,  providing platform for key decision makers and parliamentarians to interact and undertake informal dialogues CSOs and Youth on SRHR.  It is expected that the various sessions will revitalize and increase CSO and Youth interaction with decision makers and ultimately see strengthened relations with decision makers.Ngozi Nwosu Juba the program director in attendance at the Africa Regional Dialogue.

1537376346739blob the Program Director of Vision Spring Initiative, Ngozi Nwosu-Juba, making a presentation on behalf of CSO grouops, urging them to remain focused and ensure that duty bearers are held accountable to their commitments.

gender 1 

Gender justice is at the core of the work of Vision Spring Initiatives. The organisation through its yearly event work with girls to understand the power they possess as equal partners with men and boys, while it helps men and boys ‘unlearn’ gender stereotypes.

gender 2 our school projects enables girls think outside the box!!!

gender 3 one of our young women proudly displaying the description on her t-shirt during our ‘Break Silence’ program.

gender 4 an educative session handled by our project assistant, Tolu.




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